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About Armarni Bulkani

Erotic, Seductive and Sensual Companion to Fulfill Your Desires

Firstly, welcome and thank-you for taking the time to read more about Armarni.

Armarni would be excited to know that you are looking at indulging in her world of sensual, sweet pleasures. 


 Armarni Bulkani is a curvaceous 25 year old with a Ukraine / Egyptian heritage. Born and raised in Australia a traveled and engaging  ever evolving companion.

Class and elegance in a new edge way, her heritage and culture combines to create a sensual, intimate and erotic young woman.

A Temptress Skilled in the Art of Seduction and Pleasure
Often described as the ' international man's delight' due to Armarni's soft natural body, creamy white soft skin, natural large breasts and thick round natural booty. Her exotic combination and warming personality is a internationally sought and admired trait.

With a hourglass frame, long black hair and very exotic, pretty facial features. Alluring  almond shaped green eyes too lead you through your indulgent fantasies. Armarni's erotic skills and knowledge of the mans body will leave you in constant cravings in her absence. Far from lazy and versitile in position and stance during bedroom time. Meaning Armarni is a great companion for those who want to take control or those who need a woman to lead.

The Young Woman you Wish was your Girlfriend,

skills that make you go wild but a modest and classic public attire and persona that has men begging for her too meet their mother.. (sorry guys not a service option). Constantly referred to as possessing a golden heart Armarni's Suitability for companionship is with gentlemen who seek true connection.

Her services as you may notice in pricing are preferred to have longer sessions, Armarni is a woman of multiple lets say pleasures and she is always wanting to leave you completely exhausted.

She does have a few feminine tattoos that get many compliments, Armarni's face and tattoos are strategically covered or hidden in photography due to privacy and plans for her future upon completion of the industry.
Tastefully modest on arrival, with sexy lingerie hidden underneath. Or greeting you in lingerie at her door Armarni is a True exotic companion.
She is a young woman of class and culture in her public life, behind closed doors she transforms into a creature of eroticism, passion and deep intimacy. Armarni's  skill level is that of a woman beyond her years, she is highly skilled and knows exactly how to use her body and skills to satisfy your deepest desires. 
Along side her many erotic qualities that gentlemen enjoy while spending time with her. She is re-known for companionship and strong rapports for gentlemen looking for regular company. This goddess has a sensual and compassionate nature with a sense of humor and aims to make you feel special, cared for and to bring a smile to your face.

A much admired feature of Armarni's is her  very sexy voice with a varying cute accent due to her bilingual skills and hints of exotic background and up-bringing.

The way her hips move and her angelic shaped face generally gives this away her background which enhance's her uniqueness and  can guarantee you that you will never have a encounter the same or as in depth and passionate as with Armarni. 


Do You Want To Go Deeper...?

 A versatile companion and can be both dominate or submissive. This is a variant depending on the gentlemen and how comfortable she feels. A

rmarni has  uttermost respect for herself and values her sexual, mental and emotional health. In saying that she NEVER offer's any bare or natural services, She also do not provide back door services. Armarni is also a non smoker, non drinker and also drug free. Please do not offer her, she finds offers of these substances disrespectful.

Armarni love's well cultured, well mannered gentlemen with fun and caring personalities. She however does not enjoy egotistical or shallow men. Depth, individualism, good character and a sense of humor is very important for her enjoyment. She adore's the smell of cologne on a man & finds so many intoxicating and orgasmic.

In the bedroom Armarni enjoys versatility and men who are comfortable in sharing their desires over time, knowing she has turned your erotic and intimate fantasies into a reality and satisfied all of you is what gives her pleasure and satisfaction.

Plan your time with Armarni, anticipation and a lead up to a special date makes her extremely excited and enables her to be ready for your erotic moments.