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Policies & Information

Health & Safety

  • Health checks are performed prior to booking commencement

  • Protection/ condoms used in all services

  • Armarni keeps a current sexual health certificate

  • Armarni does not drink, smoke or use drugs. Please do not bring these into Armarni's  space as she finds it rude and offensive if you assume it is okay to do so.

  • Armarni is a lady, she has no interest in seeing intoxicated rude clients please be mindful of your limits.

  • Armarni's boundaries are to be respected at all times. If you do not listen to requests when needed she will be forced to have you removed.

  • Armarni's services are only consensual if all requirements are met. 1) You paid the agreed upon listed rate Armarni does not negotiate. 2) you pass the health check – if you have std or Sti  symptoms see a doctor not Armarni you will be refused service. 3) the type of  services are that of which you paid for and have been agreed upon by Armarni. Armarni  does not offer anal- if you attempt and Armarni says no and you continue to try it’s a attempt of rape. 4) although Armarni is a sex worker just like a lawyer she has the rights to refuse service, too choose who she will see intimately, like any other human being. Armarni also has sexual preferences and her own guidelines in which she confucts business. This is Armarni's  body and her choice. 5) condoms that are put on by Armarni are not to be removed by you and activity forcefully or unknowingly continued is classed as rape and will be dealt with in that manner. It is sad this needs to be written but In cases of this occurring Armarni will involve authorities.

  • Armarni is heterosexual and only see’s gentlemen 18 years and over. (Mature very welcome). Armarni welcomes all nationalities and adores diversity in culture.

  • Please note Armarni s  health and safety is taken seriously if you attempt to provide fraudulent payments, blackmail, forced services, threats, stalking, harassment, violence, rape or abuse  Armarni has the legal right and will pursue legal action and engage authorities and or security personnel. *If you cannot prank order a $20 pizza you cannot prank order a $400 p/hr companion without legal action* this is a legal business.


Payments, Deposits & Cancelatiolns

Payment other than that of the deposit is to be paid in full in cash Only within the first few minutes of arrival.

 Being the nature of the business no refunds are offered the originally agreed upon time when handing over the payment is that of the session if you finish early or have a personal thing that comes up you are welcome to leave but no refunds are granted due to service being initiated and also a booking based business with a time I have allocated for our meet.


Generally Armarni accept deposits via ‘Beem it’ a safe app ran by big banks and instant transfer regardless of bank. Real names are kept anonymous and the paper trail is that of a IOU or a numerical statement. Armarni  also offers smart ATM direct deposit.

Within 48 hours the deposit is non refundable, fly me to you deposits are 100% non refundable in the event you need to cancel, if you need to re-schedule for the same day surcharges may take place or time allocation cuts due to pre booking of flights and accommodation. If Armarni needs to cancel your booking transfer of the deposit to new bookings within a 6 month time frame are available and subject to availability. A full refund within 2 weeks of my cancellation is also available if you choose within that time frame.

Reasons Armarni may cancel maybedue to  cancelling a tour with not enough interest or deposits made to ensure expenses are covered.

Armarni may be unwell or have personal issues come up this means Armarni will  return deposits or grant credit and still  pay any expenses that are cancelled out of her own pocket. Just like in the event you have something come up you need to understand you forfeit your deposit if the time is within a 48 hour window to tour commencement or your booking time. 24 hour cancellation is transferable to your next booking from the total price however a further deposit will also be required to ensure no further cancellation. If you have trouble keeping appointments Armarni will not offer  prebooking for you in the future.

Discretion & Public Conduct


Armarni values her privacy and also yours. Please do not ever approach her in public situations as she too has a personal and private life. She respects all clients private space and will not engage in their personal social media, approach them in public, disclose personal or distinct information about them or their time together online or in conversation and expects the same common courteousness from clients. Stalking behaviour is not tolerated as mentioned in the above.

 Any filming, photography or voice recording of time with Armarni without consent (I will never consent this) will result in legal action it is an offence to obtain footage/ recording of a person without consent especially that of explicit  nature and action will he pursued.

Any outing or acts to try and harm Armarni or her business activity will result in action from licenced security personnel. Sabotage is taken seriously and strongly advised against. Armarni is a very giving and kind individual and conducts her business in a honest and loyal manner. She uses real images and has very modest pricing for the quality of service she provides. Further to add any obscene or uncalled for behaviour will result in intervention from licenced security personnel.